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May I try it out first?
Yes, we invite you to visit a free group session. Contact us for more information as it is subject to availability.

If I miss the start date, do I have to wait until the next cycle to join a group? 
No. You are invited to join us at any time throughout the year and you won’t be behind. Session fees will be prorated.

What is included in the session fee?
Our session fees include the therapists time, treatment planning and evaluations, and upkeep of materials used. All assessments, progress notes, etcetera in your or your dependent's file are kept confidential. You are welcome to obtain a copy of these documents at anytime.

Do you take insurance or offer insurance reimbursement?

Yes, we have successfully billed a variety of insurances. Medicaid coverage for music therapy is provided to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Are any materials required if I want to learn an instrument?
Learning continues at home when you set aside time each day to do creative activities. Materials and recordings are suggested for continued learning but they are not required.

What are the benefits I or my loved one may experience from a group session?
In each group session, individuals are introduced to a wide variety of musical styles, cultural music, instruments, expressive movement and language activities to foster socialization and personal development. You or your loved one will feel welcomed into a safe, comfortable environment for expressive communication and experience fellowship with others. Adults that attend with their children will be encouraged and supported as they guide their children in the activities. They will be shown how their child learns best and creative interventions to behaviors that they can use at home. Afterall, home is where the learning begins and continues to grow! 

Why do you offer mommy and me classes beginning with newborns? 
From the moment babies are born, they are ready to learn. Integration of music and movement into your child’s daily routine means improving their ability to think, reason, create, and express, all while engaging in a special bonding experience with you.
May I bring my spouse to my individual session? 
Yes, spouses or significant others are always welcome!
What if I’m not musically all?
You don’t need musical talent or experience to enjoy our services! Our sessions are not just about music, we also focus on personal development, self-discovery, and getting our bodies moving! 

May I bring a friend or another child to a session? What about visiting family?
If you would like to bring other people please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements.

Babies 6 months and older may join us FREE in their older sibling's class. Children 6 and older may join us FREE in their younger sibling's class. "Family Day" sessions will be announced from time to time, during which all siblings are welcome to join the experience!

Parents, Spouses, and Caregivers are welcome at anytime!  If you have a friend who is interested in checking out a session, they are welcome to observe. Please contact us in advance. Nobody (especially the therapist) likes surprises and we want to assure a certain level of confidentiality for all.

I want to join you, but what if I cannot participate for the entire cycle due to special circumstances? 
Please feel free to visit with us personally about your circumstances. If you are pregnant and expecting your baby, planning to move, or have other kinds of special situations we will try to accommodate you so that you can join us for the time you are here.

Do you offer make-ups if we miss a session?
You are important and we miss you when you are not there! The more consistently you attend, the more progress you’ll see. If you miss a session, we’ll help you arrange to make it up for free the first time. Additional missed sessions are not refunded, thank you for understanding. If you have special circumstances with extended absences, please visit with us to arrange additional make-ups. 

I see that you teach sign language in the infant and toddler classes. What is the value in this?
All children naturally communicate with gestures, even before they develop the ability to speak. By teaching simple sign language to children from as young as a few months old, we can help them to convey their emotions and needs as well as giving them a valuable head start in their social and intellectual development. 


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