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Music Lessons      

Music Lessons are available on many instruments that include, but are not limited to: guitar, bass guitar, percussive instruments, piano, flute, saxophone, french horn, and voice. Lessons for individuals with disabilities are adapted to meet the learning style and needs of the student. 

Music Technology, Theory and Composition Lessons are available for any skill level.

Many musical instruments are available to rent from Do Rae and Me.


We offer beginner-intermeddiate lessons on string instruments in studio. At this time we do not have any string instruments for rent.


We offer acoustic and bass guitar lessons in a variety of styles. Once a month we hold a free group "jam session" for any individuals taking guitar lessons who would like the experience of playing in a group.


We currently have the following guitars for rent: 1/2 size (child) acoustic, standard acoustic, 4 string acoustic bass, and 4 string electric bass.


We offer group lessons on a variety of percussive instruments. We do not offer individual lessons at this time as there has been little interest expressed by the community. We may expand this service in the future. Information concerning the rental of world percussive instruments for an ensemble given upon request.


Don't have a piano? Not only will you have access to our in studio piano during your lesson, we allow you to book 2 free 30 minute practice sessions a week. For group piano performances and piano recitals we contract with a local church.

Wind Instruments

We hold lessons in our studio, however we work with school facilities for sectionals, master class, or a large volume of individual lessons for attending students.


We currently have the following wind instruments for rent: flute, french horn, and trumpet.

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