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 Our Story 

"I would like to thank Rachel for everything she has done for our end of life patients: from making music memoirs for the families to holding the hand of the passing and singing, as many passed away without family present. It was the most beautiful gift I have ever seen. That's the kind of care I hope to recieve when I leave this

         world! We love you."--- Barb. G.

" We love Mommy & Me

group sessions. We work on goals, like impulse control, on my 3 year old's IEP in a setting that allows my husband and I to be present and even learn

   sign language with  her!"

             --- Amy M.

"My husband had 2 severe strokes and was tired of working with speech therapy. He couldn't wait for his sessions with Rae. His anger melted away in therapy and at home he would sing 'I love you' to me. She helped him to regain his voice through musical phrases and melodic intonation. Don't ever give up. Try

     music as medicine." --- Janet M.

" I have taken piano lessons to help with what multiple sclerosis has done with my hands and to keep my brain sharp. My strength and coordination cannot be regained, but I feel that it is well maintained through my practice on the piano. I used to be a writer. Thanks to my piano exercises I can enjoy using another type of keyboard

        again."   --- J.R.O.

The First Note

Do Rae & Me was formed in 2012. Rae specialized in behavioral health and end of life populations. She was known as a "hospice angel" and a "death doula" that guided families and their loved ones through the end of life transition and process of grieving with music therapy practices. As a dementia practitioner she expanded services to include community education and support group facilitation.

Teach In Harmony


Our music therapy company now serves a large and diverse population. In 2014, we began to offer consulting services for a variety of institutions so that the therapeutic, informed use of music can continue when the therapist is not present. In 2016, we began offering courses, adapted lessons, and therapy sessions online. We now offer 12 distance learning courses which serves clients worldwide! 

The Future Sounds Bright


We consult with and refer clients to a number of allied health professionals. It is our goal to expand our services to include other wellness practices in the future. Subscribe to follow us and witness all the good things to come!

  Rachel "Rae" McCready, MS, LPMT, MT-BC, NMT 

Rae is a licensed and board certified practitioner of music therapy with specialization in behavioral health, end of life, and trauma populations. Rae obtained an associates in Music with a minor in Philosophy from Midland College, a bachelors in Music Therapy from West Texas A&M University, and a masters in Psychology from Capella University. 

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